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Lady Fox Young

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Cabinet portrait. The mount bears the Anson Bros. Hobart studio stamp, dating it to late 1880s. Lady Fox was the wife of Sir Henry E. Fox Young who was Governor-in-Chief of Tasmania from 1855 to 1861, and one-time Governor of … Continue reading

Mrs Irvine’s Tasmanian Exhibition passes

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This identity pass (recto and verso) to the Tasmanian International Exhibition, Launceston, 1891-1892, belonged to Jemima Frances Irvine, artist and conchologist. The verso bears the official government insignia of the Lion and Unicorn, biotica used on the British Royal Coat … Continue reading

W. Burrows and the Dowling Brothers

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William H. Carl Burrows established a studio at 76 Murray Street, Hobart in 1877. He had already established a studio in Launceston in 1876, and moved there in 1878, selling his Hobart studio portrait negatives to John Bishop Osborne. This … Continue reading

Alfred Bock studio stamps and portraits

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This is an early Alfred Bock studio stamp, dated around 1857 when he first set up the City Photographic Establishment at 140 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town, complete with glass house studio. The stamp shows the early bare design of the … Continue reading

Jemima Frances Irvine’s Gem Album of Tintypes

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From © The Private Collection of John and Robyn McCullagh 2005-2010 ARR. This gem album containing 49 tintypes is probably from the estate of Jemima Frances IRVINE (1822-1920)* conchologist, artist, traveller and daughter of playwright David Burn, now part of … Continue reading

Port Arthur church

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PHOTOGRAPH ON GLASS Notes from current owners: “Port Arthur 1918. No 1 ANSON HOBART on lower of photo . On glass size 28cm x 23.5cm” The verso of the oval brass frame has the “Anson’s Photographs,Wellington Bridge Hobart” label. ANSON, … Continue reading

Thomas J. Nevin cartes heavily tinted

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A portrait by Thomas J. Nevin of a serious young man with a love of cameras (he is leaning on a stereoscopic viewer here) which was taken by Nevin at his studio, The City Photographic Establishment, 140 Elizabeth St. Hobart … Continue reading

Young man in fancy tie

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An early carte-de-visite from Charles Wherrett senior, whose studio began operations in Hobart in 1872, and continued after his death in the hands of his eldest son Charles B. Wherrett up to the 1900s. WHERRETT, Charles B.Charles Wherrett senior, 83 … Continue reading

Woman in bustle by Bishop Osborne

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John Bishop Osborne’s studio 1880s This looks like a frequently reprinted item from the original carte or cabinet panel. Its striking features include not just the fabulously ruched bustle of the young woman’s frock; we also gain a glimpse of … Continue reading

Carte-de-visite of teenage girl 1880s

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Photographed by John BISHOP OSBORNE, Studio at 76 Murray Street, Hobart, from 1879-93. © The Private Collection of John & Robyn McCullagh 2005-2007 ARR

Anson portrait of Aboriginal Group

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Group portrait of Truganini (left), William Lanney & Bessie Clarke © The Private Collection of John & Robyn McCullagh 2005-2007 ARRDetails from owners: Photograph on glass (cracked) in oval brass frame. From left to right – Truganini, William Lanney, and … Continue reading

Wherrett portrait of boys in sailor suits

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These boys were not necessarily apprenticed in the service of the Navy. Their suits were a fashionable outfit for teenagers of the 1880s: above the knee trousers for the pre-pubescent, below the knee for the teenager. The Wherrett Brothers (Charles … Continue reading