Award-winning William Cawston

CAWSTON, W. (William), fl. 1863-1891.


1. CAWSTON, William. 100 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town. 1856. Carver, guilder, picture framer

2. CAWSTON, William. St. John’s St. Launceston. 1860-1866 and 1881.

3. CAWSTON & SONS, St John St. Launceston 1888-1891.

An advertisement for William Cawston’s Hobart activities appeared in the Tasmanian Daily News 13/06/1856, page(s): 1, column 3:

William Cawston 100 Elizabeth St. five doors from Brisbane Street, Hobart Town. Carver, guilder, picture framer.”

As he was not advertising photographic services at that time, his decision to begin a photographic business may have coincided with his move to Launceston around 1860.

By 1867, as this verso testifies, William Cawston was winning medals for his architectural and landscape views.

One of his outstanding employees in later years was Alfred Percy Whitelaw, noted for his fine studio portraits.

One view Cawston photographed often was at Clarke’s Forde, near Launceston. This verso is of one example:

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