Young man in fancy tie

Young man in fancy tie

An early carte-de-visite from Charles Wherrett senior, whose studio began operations in Hobart in 1872, and continued after his death in the hands of his eldest son Charles B. Wherrett up to the 1900s.

WHERRETT, Charles B.
Charles Wherrett senior, 83 Elizabeth St. 1872-1881;
Charles B. Wherrett (son) Melbourne Portrait Rooms, 113 Elizabeth St. 1884-1897 (or longer?). With R. McGuffie until 1897.

The clarity of this photograph is outstanding, and in excellent condition (no spotting or mould). It is also larger in size than the usual carte.

This young man is wearing a very unusual tie, and a shirt that looks either patterned with dots or aerated with holes.

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