Port Arthur church


Notes from current owners:

Port Arthur 1918. No 1 ANSON HOBART on lower of photo . On glass size 28cm x 23.5cm”

The verso of the oval brass frame has the “Anson’s Photographs,Wellington Bridge Hobart” label.

ANSON, Joshua at H.H.BAILY, 1872-1877.

ANSON Bros; 132 Liverpool St. 1878-1880;
36 Elizabeth St. 1880-1887;
52 Elizabeth St. 1887-9;
129 Elizabeth St.1894-95.

The two Anson brothers bought out Samuel Clifford’s studio and stock in 1878, which included negatives and stock of Alfred Bock and Thomas Nevin’s commercial practice at the City Photographic Establishment.

This version, on glass and framed, dates from ca. 1891, the last date known for John Anson working at that address. Joshua Anson changed his name to John Anson ca. 1880 after release from a two year sentence at the Hobart Gaol for theft from his “master”, photographer H.H. Baily.

By 1895, John Watt Beattie had taken over the Anson Brothers studio and all their stock – including their holdings of Clifford’s, Nevin’s and Woolley’s studios – at Wellington Bridge, Elizabeth St. Hobart.

Anson Port Arthur  verso


Verso of photograph on glass in oval brass frame (with wire for wall hanging) of the Port Arthur Church, Tasmania.

Verso bears the “Anson’s Photographs, Wellington Bridge, Hobart” label with dates ranging from 1879 to 1889:

Notable date: “Silver Medal Paris 1889 – Highest Award For Australia”

Handwriting on label – “Port Arthur from back of Church”

Date circa 1890-1891 when John Anson worked from a studio at Wellington Bridge, Hobart.

From © The Private Collection of John and Robyn McCullagh 2005-2010 ARR