Alfred Bock studio stamps and portraits

This is an early Alfred Bock studio stamp, dated around 1857 when he first set up the City Photographic Establishment at 140 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town, complete with glass house studio. The stamp shows the early bare design of the photographer’s initials “A.B.” encircled by a belt with buckle, the motto in Latin “Ad Altiora” (towards the heights) withing the belt’s circumference, and a kangaroo perched on top. The studio’s address lies outside the design. Continue reading Alfred Bock studio stamps and portraits


Alfred Bock portrait of child

© The Private Collection of John and Robyn McCullagh 2005-2007 ARR. The verso of this portrait of a standing child bears Alfred Bock’s studio stamp for the City Photographic Establishment which is identical in design to one of the stamps adopted by Thomas Nevin while apprenticed to Bock in the early 1860s, and later when he bought Bock’s studio and stock, The City Photographic Establishment, … Continue reading Alfred Bock portrait of child

Mrs Lucas by Alfred Bock

Notes provided by the owners: “Photo is by Alfred Bock, or ‘a photograph reworked by Alfred Bock’. Date is 1894. Size is 400mm x 500mm. Signed in right hand corner “A.F.A. Co. Alfred Bock Artist” – [The Australian Fine Arts Co. Bock’s signature ?] Subject is thought to be Mrs Lucas, the owner of a hotel in Hobart called the Lucas Hotel.” Verso above of … Continue reading Mrs Lucas by Alfred Bock