Miniature ambrotype

This small Union case has an interior of velvet with floral pattern on one side and a single ambrotype image of head and shoulders of a mid-Victorian woman wearing a black dress. She is hatless, wearing earrings, hair drawn back and parted in the middle. Her gaze is offside of camera, and like the majority of Victorian subjects, she is not smiling. This ambrotype has … Continue reading Miniature ambrotype

Ambrotype and case

Hand-tinted ambrotype of a seated woman in cape and bonnet tied beneath her chin in a huge bow. Three quarter length pose, with gaze to camera. It could be dated from about 1865. The ambrotype image is housed in a square pinchbeck frame within a gilden parentheses-shaped mount. The pinchbeck is set into silk or velvet. Opposing inside cover is made of plain silk. Unidentified … Continue reading Ambrotype and case