Woman in bustle by Bishop Osborne

From John Bishop Osborne’s studio ca. 1880s This looks like a frequently reprinted item from the original carte or cabinet panel. Its striking features include not just the fabulously ruched bustle of the young woman’s frock; we also gain a glimpse of the elaborate decor of John Bishop’s studio. His composition for this full-length portrait includes a backdrop of a eucalypt, a live potted cabbage … Continue reading Woman in bustle by Bishop Osborne

Bishop Osborne fashionable portraits

The portrait of a young girl with ringlets and a striking tartan frock with neck bow was taken by John Bishop Osborne sometime in the late 1870s to mid-1880s. She bears a striking resemblance to the very fashionable young woman (below) in a full-length cabinet portrait also taken by John Bishop Osborne ca. late 1880s. From the studio of John BISHOP OSBORNE, 76 Murray St. … Continue reading Bishop Osborne fashionable portraits

Bishop Osborne’s pipe smokers

John Bishop Osborne specialised in cartes and panels of famous actors and visiting entertainers. He maintained a studio at 76 Murray St. from 1879-83, another in Collins St. from 1888-91, and another at 62 Murray St. from 1892-95. He also travelled the west and northern regions of Tasmania. The purpose of this posed tableau of rugged and relaxed masculinity may have been to advertise the … Continue reading Bishop Osborne’s pipe smokers

A Bishop Osborne portrait

Mould has spotted this carte, but it still has a freshness about it. John Bishop Osborne was a portraitist to the theatre crowd, so the subject of this photo may well have been familiar with the limelight. Her hat is highly decorative, flamboyant even. The feathery thing growing out of a planter could be biotic, or papier mache. © The Private Collection of John & … Continue reading A Bishop Osborne portrait