Port Arthur Records Book 1860s

This is a book of records kept by the Commandant of Port Arthur, James Boyd during the 1860s. James Boyd was succeeded as Commandant by another Boyd, Adolarious Humphrey Boyd who left the post in December 1873. The Commandant to succeed A.H. Boyd was Dr John Coverdale, the last to serve during the devolvement of the Port Arthur prison which finally closed in 1877. From … Continue reading Port Arthur Records Book 1860s

The Irvines

Jemima Frances Irvine (1822-1919) was a conchologist, traveller, artist and daughter of playwright David Burn. This ticket is an indication of her status as member and exhibitor as early as 1860, an involvement which continued with the Tasmanian Exhibitions through to the 1890s. This Billhead for Irvine & McEachern’s grocery business 1872 indicates her husband’s business before his early death. © The Private Collection of … Continue reading The Irvines

Beattie’s portrait of Louisa Anne Meredith

Detail of J.W. Beattie’s portrait of Louisa Anne Meredith © The Private Collection of John & Robyn McCullagh 2005-2007. ARR. One of the photographs in a series taken in Hobart by John Watt Beattie of author, naturalist, artist and photographer Mrs Louisa Anne Meredith in June 1895 shortly before she died. The detail shows her left hand holding a walking cane; two ringed fingers; lace … Continue reading Beattie’s portrait of Louisa Anne Meredith

Mrs Lucas by Alfred Bock

Notes provided by the owners: “Photo is by Alfred Bock, or ‘a photograph reworked by Alfred Bock’. Date is 1894. Size is 400mm x 500mm. Signed in right hand corner “A.F.A. Co. Alfred Bock Artist” – [The Australian Fine Arts Co. Bock’s signature ?] Subject is thought to be Mrs Lucas, the owner of a hotel in Hobart called the Lucas Hotel.” Verso above of … Continue reading Mrs Lucas by Alfred Bock

The Burn Family

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION ON THE BURN FAMILY Above: reprint 1892 of David Burn travelogue Below: Mrs Irvine’s photo in her gem album with signature Jemima Frances Irvine (nee Burn ) born England 1822, died at Evandale, Tasmania on 17th July, 1919, aged 98 years, was the only daughter of Jacobina and David Burn. The sheet of paper (ephemera) pictured above which reprints a section of her … Continue reading The Burn Family

Business Stationery of John Watt Beattie

© The Private Collection of John & Robyn McCullagh 2005. ARR. Watermarked. This invoice reveals that Miss Lucas paid a deposit on postcards on the 21st August, 1913 to John Watt Beattie at his studio, 60 Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Beattie occupied this studio from 1906 to 1920. The list of services on the right hand side of the invoice detail his talents and commercial talents, … Continue reading Business Stationery of John Watt Beattie

Beattie studios lanterns labels

Art Nouveau decorations and superlatives – “The Best and Most Complete Collection in the State” – feature on this verso label on glass from John Watt Beattie’s studio at Wellington Bridge, 52 Elizabeth St. Hobart. Hand-tinted lantern slides accompanied Beattie’s public lectures and demonstrations ca. 1900. Beattie’s agent in Launceston at that date was Richard Gee, Central Charles Street, and in Zeehan on the West … Continue reading Beattie studios lanterns labels

Business seals from the Irvine Collection

Business seals Old Tasmanian (?) government and business letter seals originally from the collection of Tasmanian artist and conchologist Jemima Frances Irvine (nee Burn, 1822-1919). Notes by John and Robyn McCullagh: These are Govt office and business letter seals which have been cut out and pasted as per photo. The book contains 15 pages, all different designs and seals. There would be roughly 200 seals … Continue reading Business seals from the Irvine Collection

Bishop Osborne fashionable portraits

The portrait of a young girl with ringlets and a striking tartan frock with neck bow was taken by John Bishop Osborne sometime in the late 1870s to mid-1880s. She bears a striking resemblance to the very fashionable young woman (below) in a full-length cabinet portrait also taken by John Bishop Osborne ca. late 1880s. From the studio of John BISHOP OSBORNE, 76 Murray St. … Continue reading Bishop Osborne fashionable portraits

H.H. Baily portrait of jeweller W.R. Davey

Carte-de-visite of William R. Davey, jeweller of Hobart ca. 1880. H.H. Baily’s studio stamp on verso. Henry Hall Baily was a portrait and landscape photographer, with a studio at Elizabeth Street from 1865 to 1866; at 94 Elizabeth Street from 1866 to 1881; at 88 Liverpool Street from the late 1880s, and at 94 Liverpool St to the end of the 1890s. He must have … Continue reading H.H. Baily portrait of jeweller W.R. Davey

Award-winning William Cawston

CAWSTON, W. (William), fl. 1863-1891. Studios: 1. CAWSTON, William. 100 Elizabeth St. Hobart Town. 1856. Carver, guilder, picture framer 2. CAWSTON, William. St. John’s St. Launceston. 1860-1866 and 1881. 3. CAWSTON & SONS, St John St. Launceston 1888-1891. An advertisement for William Cawston’s Hobart activities appeared in the Tasmanian Daily News 13/06/1856, page(s): 1, column 3: “William Cawston 100 Elizabeth St. five doors from Brisbane … Continue reading Award-winning William Cawston

Miniature ambrotype

This small Union case has an interior of velvet with floral pattern on one side and a single ambrotype image of head and shoulders of a mid-Victorian woman wearing a black dress. She is hatless, wearing earrings, hair drawn back and parted in the middle. Her gaze is offside of camera, and like the majority of Victorian subjects, she is not smiling. This ambrotype has … Continue reading Miniature ambrotype

Alfred Winter portrait of Ann Delaware

Ann Delaware, aged 76 Verso of a full-length studio portrait of Ann Delaware (?), aged 76, by Alfred Winter, dated 1884. This information is inscribed in an unknown hand across the top of Alfred Winter’s studio stamp, which by this date informed his clients and the public that he had Vice-Regal patronage. © The Private Collection of John & Robyn McCullagh 2005-2007 ARR. Continue reading Alfred Winter portrait of Ann Delaware

Charlie Nairn portrait by the Ansons

ANSON BROTHERS 1885 Carte-de-visite of Charlie Nairn of the Tasmanian Reserve Force, August 1885, wearing the Bullion Badge of the TRF on his hat. Photographers: Anson Brothers, Hobart, August 1885, Wellington Bridge Hobart. Verso below: Reference: A Lion in the Colony by Major D.M.Wyatt RFD. 1990 page 33. © The Private Collection of John and Robyn McCullagh 2005 -2007 ARR. Continue reading Charlie Nairn portrait by the Ansons

Frank Gee Duff portraits of women

This is one of several exquisite portraits of young women in their early twenties, each holding a different type of flower, which were taken at the studio of Frank Gee Duff, Charles St. Launceston, sometime between 1888 and 1895. The manager at the time of the sitting (or printing) of the larger image (above) was A.W. Scott, according to the mount. But from 1892 to … Continue reading Frank Gee Duff portraits of women

Tintype with floral mount

This photograph, sandwiched inside an astonishingly elaborate mount, was possibly an original tintype with a print substituted for the metal plate at some later date, or an 1880s imitation of the popular tintype format whose major feature was a “window” for viewing the subject. The window gave a certain three-dimensional depth of perspective. As for the mount itself, its immensely decorative floral motif and soft … Continue reading Tintype with floral mount

General Stratton aka Tom Thumb

From left to right: General Charles S. Stratton, wife Mercy Lavinia Magri (Lavinia Warren Stratton), G.W. McNutt, and Minnie Warren (sister of Lavinia?) An older General Stratton (Tom Thumb) & co. in those same costumes from 1864 featured in the photograph held at the State Library of Victoria. They all appear to be at least fifteen years older than the carte-de-visite at the State Library … Continue reading General Stratton aka Tom Thumb